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Original Wattle Products Building
Original Wattle Products Building

Wattle Products is a highly successful, second generation, family owned and operated woodturning business based in Brisbane, Queensland.   Since  its inception in 1946, the company has had only two Managing Directors.

Frank O'Brien WoodwareFrank O’Brien founded the company in 1946 to make hand painted ornamental wood ware, such as platters, candlesticks and bowls, which were distributed through the old “Chimes” chain in Brisbane.

In the 1950’s, wood ware items were being imported from the Philippines.woodware examples
As these were retailing for less than the cost of the locally produced timber, Frank had to find a new market.
He travelled to the industrial fairs in Europe.  It was here that he was able to source automated machinery, which he imported into Australia.

The new machinery produced items such as skate wheels, curtain rings and other intricate wooden components.  This was the beginning of a new manufacturing era for Wattle.

In the 1970's, the company changed its strategic direction in response to demand for distinctively Australian Furniture.
Since then, the company has specialised in producing turned and machined componentry for the furniture and building industries.

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